Runway 12

Runway 30


RWY-syrface: Betong/Concrete

RWY and bearings: 12/30 = MAG 114/294 gr.

RWY length/wide1 945/40 m.

ILS: Finns, men f.n. ej i drift. / Not in use at present.

Fuel: Avgas 91/96 UL. (betalning kan göras via kortterminal på kontoret / You can pay by credit card at the airport-office).

Hinder/Obstacles: Smaller mountin north-east of RWY 30. Marked by red flashing light. 40 fpm.

Segelflyg/Gliders: Periodiskt under sommartid, mycket frekvent segelflygaktiviteter runt fältet /

Periodical in summer very frequent glider (sailplaning) activities around the field.

Gliders downwind: Left RWY 30 / Right RWY 12.